Records all out of order and whatnot…

Occasionally, a double album has one record with sides 1 and 4, and the other record has sides 2 and 3. Even after reading why this was originally done, I still think it’s ridiculous. With the description of the automatic changer, it seems like a lot of extra work to listen to the double album. Thankfully, it’s not that common. On the flip side, it’s so rare that I always forget and flip a record after side 1. When that happens, side 4 starts playing and I spent two songs confused about song order, then I just figure I’ll keep listening until the end of the side, then my whole rhythm is off for the day. That’s fun. I don’t have much rhythm as it is. Throw it off and you better take cover.

About the Record Project

This will be an interesting undertaking, at least for me. I can’t say that me rambling about records and music related things will be very interesting to anyone, especially given my writing ability and knowledge of music. But, I do love both of those things, so this will be fun for me, and a way to both keep track of all of my records and do some research on most, if not all of them.

I am by no means an expert on record collecting, but I do enjoy it, and I’ve been lucky enough to get to collect quite a few. I honestly have no idea how many records I have, so I will definitely use this as an excuse to finally get the whole collection entered into Discogs.

My project will have some basic rules, but since I’m the one making them up, they may get broken from time to time. I am going in the order that I have my records organized. A long standing discussion among collectors is how folks organize theirs. My collection starts with soundtracks. I have a decent number of soundtracks, but more on that in another post. After soundtracks, which are organized alphabetically, my system just goes alphabetically, not separated by any genre at all. At one point, it goes from Drive-By Truckers to Bob Dylan to Eazy-E, a sequence of which I am particularly proud. After individual artists alphabetically are box sets, which may have various artists or just one, but I like the way the boxes all look next to each other, so that’s what I do. Finally, various artists and compilations. Separate from this organization system are “Jess’s Records”, which are all the ones my wife has specifically requested or just been given by me, in an attempt to lure her into my obsession. We have a small collection of children’s records, which are a combination of music and stories. I don’t know that I’ll go any further than the “main collection”, and let’s be honest, even getting through that will be an accomplishment for me.

Here are my rules:

  1. Go through all the records in the order I have them organized. If I buy a new record and have already passed where it would fall in the order, I will do that record immediately.
  2. The albums will be listened to in its entirety, both sides of each record.
  3. I will say something about each record, more about some than others, but I will write at least a little bit about each one.
  4. Maybe some other rules as I go along. Who knows?

Favorite Movie/Music Quotes

lester bangs

(Image found online, unsure of creator or owner of image. I certainly couldn’t make anything this cool.)

This is one of my all-time favorite quotes from any movie, and it happens to be from one of the greatest movies about music, “Almost Famous.” Such a brilliant film, on so many levels.

What is your favorite movie quote/music lyric?